Our Staff

Britta R. Moline
Britta Moline is a contemporary art historian and freelance writer living in St. Paul, Minnesota. Britta is fascinated with controversial film and her favorite director is David Cronenberg. You can read her take on 1987’s Less Than Zero on PopMatters.com here.


Theo Estes
Assistant Editor/Author
Theo Estes is a film fanatic and general culture vulture residing in Minneapolis. He has presented papers on film at academic conferences, as well as waxing poetic on movies to anyone who will listen.


Guy Stridsigne
Guy Stridsigne is a Psychology and Philosophy graduate from Hamline University and freelance writer. His interests include film, country music, and aesthetics. In regards to film analysis, he primarily focuses on issues concerning humanity, feminism, and oppression.


Marissa Rose
Marissa Rose is a student and freelance writer living in Rochester, New York. She is interested in anything film, The Beach Boys, and comic book related.



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