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Troll Hunters and Zombie Nazis: 12 Creepy Foreign Flicks

Here it is! My complete and mind blowing list of 12 foreign horror/sci-fi films you should watch right now! There’s a little bit of everything mixed in here, from terrifying and suspenseful all the way to campy and downright fun. Now, before I get started I know some people are going to moan and groan … Continue reading

Five Things They Don’t Tell You About the Sundance Film Festival (VWMF Classic)

I attended the Sundance Film Festival last year and it was one of the best uses of $1,000 I could come up with. Anyone who can go, should go, and to celebrate this awesome and cold, cold experience, I’m reviving my post about some of the things you should know before you go: 5. The … Continue reading

Best Film Watched in 2011

Most websites are filled with end of the year “best of 2011” lists, and we’re not even going to try to throw in our collective voice to that din. Film is so rarely a sequential experience, we rent, buy and download films from every era, from every year. The films that made up our year … Continue reading

Great Composers of the Year – 2011

The lines separating score from sound have been blurred and this has opened up new territories for composers in film and television.  With this list, I want to present creations that play a crucial role to the projects they support.  Without these scores, the expression would be wholly different and that is what makes them … Continue reading

4 David Cronenberg Cameos

David Cronenberg has repeatedly claimed that he does not make Hitchcockian appearances in his own films, which is, of course, a bunch of bullshit. Cronenberg appears in no less than five of his own films and perhaps more, in addition to making a handful of wonderful cameos in the films of others. Here’s my list … Continue reading

“That movie changed my life!”

There are some films that change your mind, some films that change your day, and some films that change your life. All of us have at least one film that changed our minds, our souls, our direction. These are our choices– we’d love to see your own in the comment section. – Britta: sex, lies … Continue reading

Scores that Scare: The 8 Most Frightening Movie Soundtracks

Writing a score for a horror movie is tricky. There are a lot of possibilities depending on the approach of the film and within that are a variety of methods depending on the composer’s tricks of the trade. What I would like to present here are musical creations that harness the ability to unnerve and … Continue reading

Boobs, Punk Rock and Toxic Waste: The Seven Slimiest Movies of the 1980s

While John Hughes and Stephen Spielberg might corner the dime store nostalgia market for the 1980s, an unfettered look at Reagan-era America will show something much more toxic lurking underfoot. The ’80s saw the discovery of AIDS, holes in the O-zone layer, personal computers, the Challenger explosion, home video, the slaughter at Tiananmen Square, the … Continue reading

Top 10 Bicycle Movies of All Time

If the pleasures of life could be reduced to a few simple objects, the bicycle would top that list. For some, it symbolizes the freedom of recreation. For others, it is a livelihood. In our ‘green’ world, the bicycle has the status of a low-level deity. Politics aside, perhaps this elevation is for the better. … Continue reading

Take a Working Vacation: 10 Films for the Labor Day Weekend

I am sure that television has an abundance of movie marathons in store for this Labor Day Weekend. But instead of the usual Action X-travaganza, Lifetime Movie Special Mini-Series, or American Pie Blowout, try our alternative Labor Day list. Acknowledging the fact that the majority of the American population spends most of their waking life … Continue reading