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Screenshot Saturday

Screenshot Saturday: Jean-Marc Barr’s One To Another (2006)

Based on actual events, One to Another (the French title being To Each the Night) follows five young French friends in a provincial town. After Pierre’s brutal murder, Lucie, his sister and lover, vows to discover the culprit and avenge his death. Armed only with her looks and body, Lucie manages to gain leads from the detectives. Driving forward with the other three friends, Sebastien, Baptiste, and Nicolas, she traces Pierre’s sexual antics, including orgies, prostitution, and a secret affair with Nicolas.

Perhaps the most intriguing element of One To Another is its realism. Engulfing its audience in an enigmatic mystery, past and present collide as Lucie pieces the events leading to Pierre’s death together, using seduction to gain leads that eluded the police.

A portrait of sexuality without limits, the film presents a sympathetic attitude towards Lucie and Pierre, as if incest was natural. This alarming theme adds to the film’s greatness, disregarding societal norms in an unusual love mystery. Here we watch the most memorable and intimate scene between Pierre and Lucie, where they sing about their late father.

Guy Stridsigne  11/19/2011

One to Another (2006)



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