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Screenshot Saturday

Screenshot Saturday: Gaspar Noé’s Irreversible (2002)

Few films capture the pain and aftermath of a rape like Irreversible. In a dizzying format, the film plays in reverse with the viewer piecing the pertinent information together like a patchwork quilt. Using camera work that could easily induce a seizure, the film manages to emulate the emotional duress and chaos that occurs after a violent crime.

Here we see the crime taking place in a red corridor. As Alex, the victim, enters the  corridor, no other person is on screen. Seconds later a violent altercation between a prostitute and her pimp take place. One can easily infer that the corridor, with its convolutions and red pigment, signifies the rectum that the perpetrator would later intrude, as well. However, the blatant homophobia throughout the film distracts from the true feminism that the film is trying to portray. If you like this film, I may also suggest watching Koen Mortier’s Ex-Drummer (2007), which is similar in many respects.

IrreversibleBy Guy Stridsigne  9/17/2011



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