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Screenshot Saturday

Screenshot Saturday: Jee Woon-Kim’s I Saw the Devil (2010)

I Saw the Devil is Kim Ji-Woon’s revenge thriller, depicting one man’s quest to avenge his pregnant girlfriend’s murder. The movie follows Soo-hyun, a secret agent, as he searches for Kyung-chul, a sadist who murders young girls, one of which was Soo-hyun’s girlfriend Joo-yun. The film contains enough gore to satisfy any dedicated Eli Roth fan, but it doesn’t fall into the same “gore porn” genre that so many of these type of movies fall into. The filmo is almost sweet and sentimental at times, a wonderful contrast to the more violent scenes.

Joo-yun's body wrapped in plastic before her murder

Like many revenge movies, I Saw the Devil explores how revenge can make a good person into a monster as bad as the person they are chasing.

By Theo Estes  8/6/2011



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