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Screenshot Saturday

Screenshot Saturday: Mitchell Lichtenstein’s Teeth (2007)

Adolescent fears abound in the 2006 horror comedy Teeth. Our protagonist, Dawn, vows to remain celibate until marriage, with the help of the ever popular “promise ring.” But when a fellow promise ring-bearer rapes her in a cave, she discovers that she was born with quite a unique gift derived from myth: vagina dentata, or “toothed-vagina”. Throughout the film, Dawn’s snatch wages war against men who try to take advantage of her, and some who don’t, relieving them of their most prized possession (or four fingers in one case). Wrought with moral dilemmas, social commentary, and cautionary tales, one can choose to enjoy the film from an intellectual perspective. However, given the absurd subject, silly humor, and cliche plot, one can also choose to laugh through the entire film. All in all, Teeth proves to be a much better time than most give it credit– not to mention that this is quite possibly the only film where you can see a severed penis in a dog’s mouth.

Teeth (2007)

By Guy Stridsigne  5/14/2011



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