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Screenshot Saturday

Screenshot Saturday: Robert Altman’s Brewster McCloud (1970)

Brewster McCloud is the quirky follow up to Robert Altman’s critically and commercially successful MASH. In an interesting move, Altman acquired the script from writer Doran William Cannon (best know as the writer of the cult film Skidoo) and completely changed it into what we see today. Bud Court is the titular lead: a young man who studies birds and resides in the Houston Astrodome. Brewster longs to fly, and with the help of his lovely guardian angel (Sally Kellerman), he puts his dream into action. Brewster McCloud is a one of a kind black comedy that features murder, wild car chases, and lots of bird shit. It is also the feature film debut of the talented Shelley Duvall, who would become one of Altman’s most frequent collaborators. Upon its release it was not well-received, but Brewster McCloud is one of the most original films to emerge from the 1970s. It is definitely one not to miss.

For years, there was no DVD release of the movie. It is now available to own, thanks to the Warner Archive Collection.

Brewster McCloud (1970)

By Marissa Rose  4/9/11



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