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Happy Birthday To The Venereal King Of Horror!

Today David Cronenberg turns 68. All of us at Video Word Made Flesh would like to wish our namesake, a Happy Birthday.

In honor of our namesake, here are a few clips from some of his greatest movies. Enjoy!

“I have such a direct connection with what my films are, but it is a connection and it does seem to come out of me, but it’s not me. This is the eternal mystery of art, as far as I can see. It’s of you, but it’s not you.”

“I hate movies that just push all those courtly love buttons and expect to get a response, and of course often they do. They get a response from people because it’s built into the nervous system until you change your nervous system.”

“Censorship is an absurdity. It’s only understandable as an expression of power, repression. That’s what it is, and in that sense it makes sense. Censorship only makes sense if it’s really someone trying to repress and suppress someone else, in terms of adjusting society, to make society acceptable.”

“Imagery is important to me, ultimately because of the metaphor. In a way, imagery is not even imagery. It has a metaphorical weight for me. So it is very important to find the images … If I have to shoot in very mundane circumstances, I feel where are the images that will illuminate things, that will become metaphors?”

“When I went to China, people had seen The Fly, they didn’t even know that I was the director of the movie, people had seen it bootlegged, smuggled; who knows what the quality was like, but it gives it the wonderful, special taste of the forbidden, and that pleased me. Even in piracy and Internet piracy, as a filmmaker you feel, ‘I’d rather have my film live than not live.'”

– All quotes taken from David Cronenberg: Interviews With Serge Grunberg



One thought on “Happy Birthday To The Venereal King Of Horror!

  1. David Cronenberg has the same birthday as my older brother Roger and my younger sister Angel 🙂

    Posted by Guy | March 22, 2011, 2:12 pm

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