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Love Is In The Air: 10 Romantic Movies for Valentine’s Day

If you are looking for a movie to cuddle up and watch with your loved one on Valentine’s Day, here are ten romantic suggestions.

Dead Alive
It may seem odd to see on of the goriest movies of all time on this list but the relationship between Lionel and Paquite is one of the sweetest to ever appear on screen. Despite having to deal with an over bearing dog eating mother, a pervert uncle, and a horde of living dead occupying his basement they make it work. Their relationship is very innocent and you will be rooting for them the whole time. When they share their first kiss it’s really hard for me not to go “Awww” every time.

Dead Alive (1992)

The story of a robot who spends his days cleaning up a deserted planet Earth, all changes when WALL-E meets a spirited robot named EVE or “EEEEVA” as WALL-E likes to call her. EVE liberates WALL-E from his mundane life. The relationship between WALL-E and EVE is pure magic. Just watch the scene where EVE takes WALL-E flying around space and you will know exactly what I mean.

WALL-E (2008)

A quirky comedy about Maria Coughlin, a pregnant high school drop out who is in a bit of trouble and Matthew Slaughter, a misanthropic young man who always carries around a hand grenade. The Two meet and form an unusual bond. You can tell there may be more between the two. It is fascinating to watch a romance develop between two very different people. When I said quirky I didn’t mean that as a bad thing, because there is nothing else like this movie. Adrienne Shelly and Marting Donovan are such a perfect pairing. I only wish they would have worked together again. A great romantic story mixed with elements of comedy and drama. Trust is currently unavailable on any region 1 DVD (this needs to change).

Trust (1990)

Valley Girl
Out of all the 80’s teen movies this has to be my favorite. Though a bit dated now, it is still quite enjoyable and always fun. A very young Nicholas Cage is Randy a punk from the city who crashes a party in the valley. At this party he meets Julie, the girl of his dreams. Though the two come from extremely different social circles the two fall for each other. They both get criticism from their friends but still try to make it work. They movie has a very sweet quality to it. Randy and Julie are simply adorable together. Now the soundtrack to the film is definitely worth mention, because it features songs performed by artists such as the Spars, Josie Cotton, The Psychedelic Furs, Modern English, and many more.

Valley Girl (1983)

The night before Birdlace(River Phoenix) is about to leave for Vietname he plays a game with his friends. The game is to find the ugliest girl you can find and bring her to a party. Winner gets prize money. Birdlace finds the kind Rose(Lili Taylor) and invites her. Rose finds out and reacts like any normal person would. Despite this Birdlace goes to apologize to her and they spend and unforgettable evening together. The two are complete opposites. It’s quite fun to watch them develop feelings for each others. An underrated romantic movie. Plus you can’t go wrong with River Phoenix.

Dogfight (1991)

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
An incredibly original film about Joel, a man who has recently lost his girlfriend Clementine. After learning that she has undergone a procedure to erase him from her memory. He decides to do the same. While the procedure is being done Joel seems memories of his life with Clementine. While some are painful, other make him see what he loved about her in the first place. He realizes that he does not want this and does whatever he can to escape the process taking place in his mind before it is too late. A very personal movie and one that makes me feel that even how little or how painful all memories are meaningful. You can’t have pleasure without pain.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

While Annie Hall is considered to be the quintessential Woody Allen film, I have always thought Manhattan was better. A fascinating examination of relationships, it is interesting to watch Issac develop feelings for Mary, who seems so irritating at first is priceless. New York City itself is a major character, which comes to life in a gorgeous black and white making it seem like the best place to fall in love. The image of Allen and Keaton sitting on a bench watching dawn break by the Queensboro Bridge is stunning.

Manhattan (1979)

Modern Times
This lovely Charlie Chaplin film is known for being one of the funniest movies of all time. It also has another aspect to it: a romantic one. Charlie Chaplin is a factory worker struggling to succeed in the quickly expanding industrial world. Along the way he meets a runaway young woman (the gorgeous Paulette Goddard) who is also down on her luck. While the two don’t have much, they do have one another. The scene where the two imagine what domestic life would be like outside of a beautiful home is genuinely touching. A beautiful movie with a hopeful message.

Modern Times (1936)

It’s Complicated
I absolutely loved this movie. I thought it was great to see a romantic comedy with an older woman in the lead. And she has two men vying for her affection! This is not something you see very often in this genre and I find it refreshing. Meryl Streep is terrific as always. The script is sharp and funny, it never feels cliched. One of the better romcoms that I have seen in quite a while. I should warn this movie is going to make you hungry! Meryl Streep’s character owns her own bake shop and is constantly cooking. I want a croissant now.

It's Complicated (2009)

Brokeback Mountain
A tragic love story if there ever was one, regardless of sexual orientation. Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist are two men who meet one summer while working as sheep herders. They form a bond that forever changes both of their lives. Despite their feelings for each other theirs is a love that can never be because of the time they live in. A beautiful movie and one I have never been able to forget.

Brokeback Mountain (2005)

What is your favorite romantic film?

By Marrissa Rose 2/13/11


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